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There is no one off effective treatment against mosquitoes, it is vital to your family's health that you manage your home against mosquitoes, treating your home at set periods in order to achieve the best results. At Mosquito Kong our integrated mosquito management program is a combination of internationally proven mosquito control services in one affordable package offered every 21 days. Our services include:

Ongoing property surveillance and reporting: We aim to identify and eliminate breading sites in your yard and advise you of what is needed to make your home a safer and healthier place.

Larvacide Treatments: We will treat all permanent water settlement areas to stop hatching of larvae and pupae, eliminating large quantities of future mosquitoes from your home.

Adultacide Treatment: This is the treatment against adult mosquitoes and consists of two defensive options

Barrier Treatments: We will apply a mosquito barrier treatment to your plants and key areas of your home where mosquitoes rest. This will either kill or naturally repel the mosquitoes.

Fogging Treatments: We will use our specially calibrated equipment to kill flying mosquitoes, either in your yard or throughout your neighborhood. This treatment kills mosquitoes in the area at the time of treatment and reduces the number of mosquitoes that may lay eggs in your yard in the future.

Do the research, on the epidemic in the Caribbean and you decide if mosquito control is not a basic requirement for a safe Caribbean home.

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