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Dear Mr. Cox,
I trust this note finds you well.

Just a brief note to thank you and your staff for your hospitality during my recent trip to Barbados. It was very gratifying to see the level of commitment and dedication you and your crew have placed in your operation and your mosquito control plan for Barbados. After almost three decades of designing, implementing and evaluating mosquito and other vector control programs in Africa and the Americas, it is with pleasure that I tell you that I believe you're on the right path and should have no problem in reducing or even eradicating Aedes Aegypti from Barbados during the course of the next year or two.

Manuel F Lluberas MS IDHA
Public Health Entomologiest
Executive Director for Public Health

Approximately four months ago, when the chickngunya started to become a real issue in Barbados and we were experiencing a problem with mosquitoes, I called Mosquito Kong to come and have a look at our property and provide a quotation. We live in the country and have a lot of vegetation and were doing the best we could to try to alleviate the mosquito problem . We would fog and check that no water was settling etc. but it was not making much of a difference. We found the quotation provided by Mosquito Kong to be very reasonable and entered into a contract for them to treat our property every three weeks. From the very first treatment we saw a drastic reduction in the number of mosquitoes, and by the second one there were none at all. Doing the service every month has really made a huge difference! Mosquito Kong are really the King Kong in eradicating those pesty mosquitoes. Their well trained staff know exactly what they are doing! I feel so much better knowing my family are more protected from this horrible virus!

Sharon Maloney
Easy Hall Estate

Re: the service of Schooner Bay

Since Mosquito Kong has started service there has been a noticeable difference in mosquitoes. Their staff are diligent, thorough and professional in every aspect of the service. I will highly recommend them to anyone.

Ryan Marshall
Operations Manager
Rymar Properties.

Dear Mr Cox,

It's been eight months since Mosquito Kong began servicing our home and grounds and we wanted to let you know how happy we are with your service.

My husband and I have been very fortunate that to date we have been blessed not to have contracted the dengue virus and to think the island had yet another virus, Chickngunya, to deal with was very worrying. We had to make sure our home and grounds were protected. We did some checking and having had great reports about your company, Mosquito Kong, we decided to call them. That was a very good decision. They came the very next day to check our property for vulnerable areas and also to check all drains etc. and gave a very reasonable estimate for the service they suitable for our property. They not only treat for mosquitoes but for all other creepy crawlies, cockroaches, ticks etc. From the very first visit we found a great reduction in all of these and with each visit we have been more and more amazed.

They have been servicing our home for the past 8 months and we are very happy with their service. We have found them to be efficient and very nice to deal with. Mosquitoes and other crawling insects have found their match with Mosquito Kong.

Marie-Lou and David Gittens

It is with gratefulness and happiness I write this e mail to all of you. Today we had the afternoon treatment of the property (Coral Reef Club) and it was very busy around here. We pretty much have a full house with arrivals coming in and a lot of staff around. The work for your staff was not easy, and to take everything into consideration - guests not to be disturbed, staff not to be affected etc. it was not easy at all however well done.

THANK YOU AGAIN and please thank all of your staff who were here today they did an EXCELLENT JOB!!!

Elisabeth Alleyne - Manager - Rooms Divison Coral Reef Club Barbados

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