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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to do an Integrated Mosquito Management treatment? How long will it last?
It depends on the size of your yard. Generally it will take around 20 mins, larger yards will take longer to treat.
Each treatment lasts approximately 21 days, at which time we recommend that you have our team treat your yard again.

Are the chemicals being used in my yard safe? What about my kids, pets, ponds, plants?
Yes our chemicals are safe. All of our treatments are EPA approved and as a policy we do not use Malathion or any Carbamates or Organophosphates. We use two main products in our treatment. The first is an all natural treatment that we use arounds ponds, vegetable gardens, and flowering shrubs. The other product is a synthetic form of pyretherin, that is actually derived from a plant. This pyrethroid is used in household insecticides, pet shampoos and sprays and been lice shampoos. As it is a plant derivative it will not harm plants. We spray this on your vegetation. All chemicals we use are approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

It is not recommended that your family or pets be outside during the treatment. Once the treatment has been allowed to dry for about 30 mins, you can safely return outside again.

Will my lawn need to be sprayed?
Mosquitoes do not usually seek shelter in the grass. The most common areas to find mosquitoes are in your vegetation. Under the leaves of dense/shrubby plants, damp shady areas of your property, decks. We do recommend that in the rainy season that you have your lawn kept short. For special events like, weddings, out door barbecues, we will spray your lawn for you.

Are any other pests treated?
Yes! The barrier treatment is effective on not only mosquitoes! but fleas! ticks and sand flies.

Is there an all natural treatment?
Yes! However, the natural spray will need to be applied more often to be effective, as it repels mosquitoes rather than killing them.

What if it rains after my yard has been treated?
Once the treatment has had 30 mins to dry - rain should not impact the effectiveness of your service.

What is the Cost?
We quote each property individually, as this is based on the size and density of foliage of your property and the amount of chemical that we will need to use. Quotations are free, so contact us today!

Do you service commercial accounts?
Our Integrated Mosquito Management program is a great solution for many commercial businesses, such as outdoor restaurants, schools, outdoor party venues and more.

The Ministry of Health has a mosquito truck come through and spray; what makes your service better?
As stated before, we offer an Integrated Mosquito Managment treatment, and we customize this for each customer. A mosquito truck sprays a dense fog that will kill only the flying mosquito. However this really only affects the adult mosquito flying at the time, and your true problem is left untreated.

Will I need to be home for my yard to be treated?
No you will not. Once our technicians have access to your yard, and your pets are inside, our technicians can treat. Once the job has been completed we will leave our door hanger that will include your date and time of service as well as any helpful suggestions that will help you to keep your yard mosquito free until we return again.

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