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About Us

Mosquito Kong is a private, regional group of companies who are solely dedicated to the control of mosquitoes and the reduction of mosquito borne illnesses in the Caribbean and Latin America. We offer an Integrated Mosquito Management Program that is highly effective and proven to significantly reduce the quantity of mosquitoes on any property.

We are trained by and supported by a team of International professionals including Adapco who are the world's leading provider of Innovated mosquito solutions; together we have a combined experience of over 60 years in Global mosquito control.

Our support team has been contracted by the US and many other Governments, World Health Organization and President's Aid, in their efforts to fight Malaria, Dengue, Chikungunya and Zika across the world.

They have executed mosquito control programs that were supported by millions of
dollars in funding to bring significant results in numerous countries. They continue to provide strategic advice to various Governments on mosquito control. There are certainly the best at what they do. At Mosquito Kong, we think like a mosquito and have been armed with the latest innovative equipment as well as an assortment of integrated treatments, which will provide the best protection internationally available, in this battle against the deadliest insect in the world.

The facts are that in the Caribbean and Latin America most Government controlled Vector units face budgetary challenges and many are not equipped to provide the effective control that is needed to manage the crises that faces us in the region. Mosquito Kong as a private company offers a highly professional approach to mosquito control that is supported by responsive customer service and a deep commitment to reduce the health risk regionally.

All of our treatments are EPA approved and as a policy we do not use Malathion or any Carbamates or Organophosphates.

We believe that our treatment is a basic need for all property owners in Caribbean as the deadly mosquito related viruses such as Chikungunya, Dengue and now Zika are carried by the Aedes Aegypti and the Aedes Albopictus mosquitoes, unfortunately, both of these mosquitoes are extremely common throughout the region. With this in mind we recommend that you do the maximum you can to minimize the risk of these dreadful diseases affecting you, your family and love ones by engaging our services.

Another important fact that is little known is that most vector (disease causing) mosquitoes are weak flyers and in an environment with limited breeze these mosquitoes will live and die within 50 to 150 meters of where the eggs were hatched. This means that within most properties we can make a significant difference by applying our Integrated Mosquito Management Program.

We have been trained in the biology and behavior of these mosquitoes and we have adopted an Integrated Mosquito Management program as the only effective means to obtain significant mosquito control. We offer much more than just fogging. We are professionals who focus only on mosquito control offering a private service to companies, housing districts, the public sector, schools and individuals who care, act on their social responsibility and wish to protect the health of their families and work associates.

Our approach would be to inspect and treat your property on a 21 day cycle to carry out the following as appropriate:

  1. 1. Survey your entire property to identify any and all confirmed as well as potential breeding sites; eliminate these sites where possible by physical actions.

  2. 2. In areas that water cannot be removed and the source(s) remains, we will apply effective larvae and pupae treatments depending on site conditions. This will eliminate any further eggs from hatching and destroy any larvae and pupae present at the time of treatment. These areas will consist of drains, certain wells; even fences that contain open top poles must be treated along with many other possible sites depending on the characteristics of your property.

  3. 3. Report back to the property owners detailing any actions that may be required on their part in order to reduce the risk.

  4. 4. Apply a a highly effective Barrier Treatment to the extensive landscape as well as some roof overhangs, outside sheds, pool or store rooms and any other shaded and dark areas of the property. The barrier treatment is effective in killing all mosquitoes that seek shelter from the sun and rest on the landscaping or in these dark areas by attaching small quantities of treatment to the hairs in the legs of the mosquito. This treatment is best effective for up to 21 days, ensuring protection for 3 weeks after we have serviced a property.

  5. 5. A "spot or focused location" fogging treatment of all dark rooms, drains and other areas where we see heavy mosquito populations. This will immediately kill all mosquitoes in these specific locations before evaporating.

  6. 6. Other specialised services that complete our program are adopted according to site conditions.

  7. 7. Service Reports on each visit are emailed to each client after our visit, highlighting all areas of concern, what we have found and the actions taken.

If you are concerned about your health and are seeking the best results possible in mosquito control and willing to maintain a 21 day service schedule we would truly appreciate the opportunity to visit your Business/Residence to do a FREE inspection survey following which we would provide you with a quotation for our Integrated Mosquito Management Program. We will let you know exactly what we find, including where we found evidence of mosquito breeding, and we will suggest an appropriate program that would ensure prolonged mosquito management.

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